december 26, 2009


After lunch which was so delicious I got started arranging the home. Made the bed and mopped the floor. Just now I hanged the newly washed bedsheets to dry and I'm going to rest for a while before I get started with the dishes. I don't have a lot of dishes to do but only the thought of it makes me tired.

So what are you all doing on the day before christmas eve? I know that my parents are decorating right now or are already done. Because this is the day for it. As they have been doing ever since....Well ever since forever :) I so wish I could be with them... Christmas holiday is such a wonderful time, family gathers and everyone are happy and enjoying everyone's company...........

Christmas has always felt magical to me. It still does, even though Iam a muslim and have been so since 2000. But christmas is special. Christmas is the time of year when my family get together, its dark oand cold utside and cosy and light and warm indoor.. And you just feel so hopeful about life and believe that anything can happen. Anything at all. Whatever you wish for. Magic....

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