januari 07, 2010

My year of 2009, month by month

January: my husband comes and visits me in Sweden :)

February: depressed, but finally gets my broadband connected only 2 months delayed:(

March: This was the month when I left my own apartment and moved home to my parents. It wasn't easy moving and get rid of all my stuff. Oh my God how much money I just threw away by giving and selling all my things...:S

April: I jogged everyday and spent a lot of time excercising and trying to handle my extreme.

May: I took walks everyday for at least one hour to "memorize the Swedish nature and my surroundings". I knew I was about to miss it extremely...That was sad...Oh sweet nature of Sweden when am I going to fill my lungs with your almost perfect air and green grass scents? Soon isn't soon enough...

June: Planning for the wedding, we did it in a few days *highfive to my husband*

July: We had our beautiful wedding and later honeymoon in Turkey.

August: I stayed alone in Lebanon with my family-in-law, this was also the month of Ramadan.

September: Ramadan ended and we celebrated. My husband came and visited us. I was happy not to be "alone" anymore. I was missing him so much...

October: I got the flu, fixed papers for my visa application, a stupid hairdresser fixed the ugliest hair do on me(yes with a scissor), and I got depressed because of that LOL(not funny)

November: Me and my husband went back and visited the family in law again and celebrated the new year.

December: celebrated my birthday and I even got a birthday cake with candles and my name on it :)

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  1. angie: ye thank God it was very good:) a lot of time spent waiting and waiting, but it was worth it :D