februari 18, 2010


angie nader said...

oh your in KSA now? do you really feel yourself breathing sand?

Yes I have been here since october. When I first arrived I think it took 2 weeks or so to get used to the dusty air. My nose was bothering me and sometimes even bleeding because of it. Now my nose got used to it and I don't notice that it's sand-dust we are breathing, unless when it's windy and more sand-dust than usual blows into the home through ventilation. I feel the smell of sand and feel the air I'm breathing really thick and dry. It's awful, I hate it!

angie nader sa...

now im reminded of watermelon...and there is none here :(
we all go through uninspiring times... recently ive been feeling so drained and depressed...its trully pathetic! haha
take your time...i love reading your blog!
you always talk about the common things in life and i love it!

Haha batikha/watermelon is my favorite =) I hope you feel better soon, it's difficult times when we are feeling like that but life is a rollercoaster with its ups and downs. Thank you so much for your comment, I'm happy you LOVE it, love is a big word =) I'll try to update more often, if I have something to write about ;)

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  1. loool. last night i went to whole foods and bought pre-sliced watermelon and it was soooo good.