juli 28, 2009

It's not working to upload any pictures from here. And now I do no longer wish to do that.
Everything is going well here in Lebanon hamdella, but my husband travelled last friday because he has work to do.. Iam "alone" here in Lebanon with the family. Inshallah we'll be re-united soon in KSA.
I cut my hair today yey I like how it looks. Short and funny:)
I went out with my sister in law today. First to the hair salon later to the mall. We had a nice time together. It's the first time we spent time together only me and her. It was nice, hamdella.
Well hope you all had a nice day I did but now Iam tired:)
So goodnight and sweet dreams to all of you


Btw Ramadan is coming soon, I'm not sure I'll manage to fast. It's so hot and I need to drink water all the time.. I'm afraid I'll faint if I don't... Well inshallah kheir, I'll try and do my best inshallah I'll be able to fast all of it.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Sounds like you are having fun sis, Inshallah you will be reunited with your husband soon...i love short hair im sure it suits you hun...Yeah Ramadan is right around the corner Alhamdulilah:)hope your fasting goes well.

  2. I'm relly excited about your hair and this trip. I know it's hard being apart from your husband, but it goes by FAST! I'm at a month and week and it's been quick! Love you and good to see you!

  3. Mina: thanks a lot, wish you the same
    Yasemin: it's very hard. It doesn't go fast at all!!!!!! maybe if i was living at home, in my country in my house with my friends and my family around me. But not here, not my house, not my immediate family, not my REAL friends, not my country....its all to weird without him....well one week+1 day has gone and who knows how many more:( but hamdella anyways:)