juni 13, 2009

Climbing back

I´ve had a couple of days of heavy heart. Really struggling with seeing the good things in life.
I know they are many)
But when I´m low I just stay really low for a day or two and then get back on track.
So now I just came out of the shower and really feeling fit for fight.
Not actually fighting with my fists;)

I´ve been thinking of what I wish for myself. I want more out of life.
What Iam doing now can hardly even been spoked about as living.
Well Iam preparing and waiting to move to my beloved.


I want to have a home
To spend sweet time with my beloved
To build our life, piece by piece, side by side
I want to struggle and work hard
And fall asleep in my beloved´s arms
I want short "get-aways", breaks from everyday life, and just lose control and have fun
Conclusion: I want to live LIFE

That´s not too much to ask for is it?

5 kommentarer:

  1. I know how you feel :( isa things will get better :) Where does your husband live?

  2. Thanks dear, inshallah it will:D
    He lives in Saudi and I´m up here in Sweden:)

  3. Wow Saudi, quite far from Sweden!
    By the way, Sweden is so cool! I'm in love with Europe, have you ever saw a moose? (haha)

  4. Jaz: ye very far. where do you love?
    if i have seen a moose? ye in the animal park:P well no mooses in the cities;) i dont spend much time in the forest;)

  5. I meant where do you LIVE not love lol