juni 24, 2009

What to do, what to doooo?

Maybe I should go to sleep, Iam feeling totally out of control and sooo nervous it makes my stomach hurt. But if I go to sleep now, wednesday will be all gone when I wake up.
Oooooh a small panic attack going on over here but other than that Iam just peachy fine.

Today I got some hair decorations to use during the wedding, and I also bought an ancle whatever it's called. Its necklace, bracelet and ----- what are those you wear on your foot ancle called? Well anyway that's what I got for myself today. I like them, they are so summery and cute.

Well anywhoo I think I better go and wash off my make-up, pray and go thru the things I packed in the suitcase.

I can't handle sitting here for one more minute doing nothing but feeling the butterflies in my belly.

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