juni 26, 2009

Family and BFF goodbyes

A lot of things happened today. A lot to register and put in my heart's memory.
Laughter and facial expressions and goofy ones aswell. Love you sis!

Well tomorrow my parents are coming for lunch and sister and her son are coming too. I have a couple of things to fix tomorrow before I'll leave but hopefully everything will run smoothly, inshallah.

I better go to sleep now, tomorrow will be a really long day..
Tomorrow is the day I'll be leaving Sweden for Lebanon. At least for a while

In about 26 hours I'll be with DH in Beirut Lebanon yey:) Inshallah ya rabb

DH, have a safe trip inshallah

2 kommentarer:

  1. wow! masha´allah! Have a nice trip! insha´allah it will be great!

  2. insha'Allah, have a safe trip and update us when u have a chance!