juni 12, 2009

Why oh why oh why?!??!

Why do you buy a wedding gown in Sweden if you´re going to have your wedding on the other side of earth?

Well, to minimize the stress. Or?
Well, that was the plan.
But now I wonder how Iam supposed to "transport" my dress?
I have to carry it all the way.
While boarding the plane, during the flight and going off the plane...
But where do I put it once Iam ON the plane?
I can´t keep it in my lap, nevertheless put it in the space above where you usually stuff your hand luggage.
Maybe it´s possible to hang it somewhere?
I suppose I should prepare myself for the most wrinkly wedding gown ever.
And as if that wasn´t enough, I also have to carry a handbag and my laptop.
Is that even allowed? Usually one handbag and the hand luggage is allowed...I better keep my laptop bag as my handbag;)

Well it´s not all bad anyway:) I can hardly wait till I´m there
And I´ll walk round that curve and see all the people there waiting for their loved ones.
And the tallest one is going to be my husband.
Not that Iam going to choose my husband as per who is the tallest.
But usually my husband is the tallest one there.
Tall, dark and handsome:P

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