juni 19, 2009

Release your problems and ease your mind

Sometimes when you´re troubled and you keep everything bottled up deep inside you, you just feel so lonely.
It´s so difficult to be alone in this world. We have to open up and share our thoughts and news with our beloved who cares about us. Because we are truly not alone.

(And not to forget, Allah is always with us. To pray and ask Allah for guidance is very helpful and encouraged)

But sometimes you need to involve your loved ones. It really does give great relief and they may be able to help you. Hamdella I feel much better now. Eventhough everything is the same, but not quite the same afterall. The problems are still there, but Iam not alone, I opened up and shared. Hamdella, I didn´t have to wait another day..

Just when you think you can´t love harder and deeper than you already do, you open up and the love is much greater than a moment ago.

2 kommentarer:

  1. alhamdulillah glad you feel better.
    Beautiful post.. being lonely can be sad but if you open up you can find love..

  2. jaz: ye hamdella, thank you dear:) im going to bed now, its 4 oclock in the morning where Iam and I'm still awake:S