juni 26, 2009

Did he or didn't he?

Michael Jackson

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  1. So sad. The next question is was he Muslim? Looks like he was since his brother said he's with Allah now.

  2. R.I.P MJ
    i was hoping that the end of the story would be that all the accusations and gossip about his life would be proven false before he died. I can't believe that all of what has been heard was true. I liked Michael Jackson so much growing up. His music, always very good lyrics and he was indeed a great dancer. He isn't called the kind of pop for nothing;)
    Lisa: well maybe he said that only because himself is a muslim.... Inshallah MJ coneverted aswell.

  3. Inshallah though his casket burial in a gold casket used only by James Brown leads me to wonder, since that would be considered un-Islamic. Love you lots.