juni 24, 2009


Ye that's what Iam trying to do with my feelings.
I just feel SO much these days.

Gratitude, thanks to Allah for making this happen, HAMDELLA!

Fear-I'm planned to be doing a lot of flying! yikes-not so fun anymore

Happiness-I'll be re'united with my DH again, it's been 5 months since last time

Excitment-I'm travelling to my favorite country-again, Lebanon! Here I come!

Sadness-I'm leaving so much behind

Joy-We are finally having our wedding

Anxiousness-I gained weight and about 100s of people will be attending our wedding. I haven't even met half of them once!

LOVE-so much love all around

And last but not least, again, more gratitude
Hamdella for everything

We are really just like small ants,
not saying that they are not important, just saying they are small..
and everything that happens is all by Allah's will.

2 kommentarer:

  1. i love ants, so i love your last statement

  2. ange: well we are all just creations of Allah, eventhough I don't fancy them in my home:P Iam sure they got created for a reason.
    But Ange, do you really LOVE ants? I mean really really loving them?? If yes, why??? LOL