juni 22, 2009

Is being without internet a blessing?

Okey so now I've read all you guys latest updates. It took a while;)

So I have been without internet connection for 2 days or so. And my God, how efficient I have been now not sitting infront of the laptop:)
I dealt with some things I should've done like a week ago. But now it's all done and I feel soooo good.
Conclusion: Time online is wasted time.
Okey, not to that extreme, but really, think about it!
What are we doing online? Does it change anything?

I can only talk for myself but ALL of my time online is spent checking my email, blogging or reading others people´s blogs, checking FB, youtube, and some other sites. But what I do online doesn't really matter. I spend all day online but it's not really counted for. If I work all day or clean all day people gna notice-that's for sure. Or if I cook, or bake! But okey, being online matters to ME. I have more relations online than in real life. Sad, or maybe pathetic? Well whatever, that's the truth. And I kind of like it:)

Ok not "kind of like it" to tell you the truth I love it!!!

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