juni 12, 2009

Some old blogposts from my soon to be erased blog

Sunday, 17 May 2009
Dear sisters and brothers
To all my fellow muslims.

I have ever since i reverted called other muslims my sibblings. I feel as if this is more common among reverts. Maybe Iam wrong but that´s how I feel, maybe it is just because I have had more contact with reverts..

Well anyway I think it´s important for us muslims to call eachother sisters and brother. And the reason for that is to feel united. Even if there are sooo many groups in islam, which is unfortunate.

We should all be more humble towards eachother. It is of great importance especially for reverts to feel welcomed when they finally find their way back to Islam.

It is our duty and honour as muslims to welcome and encourage reverts.

All the talk about shia/sunni/wahabi and the rest of the groups-forget all about that!! Why think about our differences when we can think about what we all have in common? Think about it, what is really the most important? To be a muslim and everything that means, or is what´s most important really about who is right and who´s not?? No one will ever say they are wrong.

If you follow a perticular group in islam it´s most likely because you feel it´s right. Right for you. There is no use discussing back and forth. When it´s discussed and mixed up in politics when it comes to how to rule a country that´s one thing. But when it comes to discussing it online??? There´s no use people. It often, if not always, ends with "us" yelling at eachother and misbehaving. Now Iam not talking about discussions handled in a good way, where we learn from eachother and show interests. I support those ways of spreading knowledge.

But Iam just saying that the discussions we know from the beginning won´t lead to anything good why even go there??

We are all muslims. So think of other muslims as your beloved sibblings and treat them with respect, humbleness and love.


Friday, 29 May 2009
Right now Iam suffering from the flue. I got fever and Iam so exhausted, my body can hardly even manage to type this blogpost;)

Iam so anxious. The weeks are passing so fast. Soon I´ll be abroad. First doing the final preparations for our wedding, then go thru it, all without my family:S and later go for the honeymoon. And what´s even more scary is that after our honeymoon Iam going to a country where I´ve never been too. And stay there. Start our new life together, and live there for as long as Allah has planned. It´s normal I guess to feel anxious about it.

How will I manage celebrating the best day of my life so far without my family?
How will I manage to live everyday for many days, months maybe even years without seeing my family?
How can a person deal with being almost all alone in a whole new country?

I love my husband of course, and am looking forward to our life soooooo much. But I´m still scared.

Anyone who moved abroad alone or with f.e husband? How did you manage to create a new life for yourself? New friends? New activities? Job? Education?


Saturday, 30 May 2009
One of the worst thing I know is when I´ve hurt someone. I never do it intentionally, it´s not a part of my personality. But sometimes it happens anyway. And it is so hard for me sometimes to just say: I´m sorry. But it just hangs there in the air as a big black cloud and I can´t move on without having it said. When I finally gather up all my curage and say I´m sorry, it feels so good. But then when the other person says: "it´s okey", I don´t know what to do. Because it feels as if my apology isn´t enougth even if the person I hurted says it is.

Those of you who has been hurt by people who loves you and you haven´t yet forgiven them, do you understand that it hurts them more than yourself because they have hurt you? Forgiveness is one of the most valuable things we can give and receive.

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