augusti 27, 2009

6th of Ramadan *It smells funny*

I'm sitting on the bed reading blogs, blogging and soon I'll be opening the translation of the Holy Quran. I just had a shower, finally:)

I hear the adhan for the afternoon(asr) pray and there's a smell coming from the kitchen teasing my nose. It smells veggies. I think it's the same kind of soup as we ate before yesterday when we broke the fast. It's a lot of boiled veggies that gets smashed in the mixer and turned to a smooth green/brown coloured soup. Doesn't smell very nice, doesn't look very tasty, and no it isn't very tasty either. BUT it's filled with vitamines and minerals(I guess, veggies do contain minerals don't they???) so I am going to eat it with pleasure to fill my belly with this healthy soup that do good for my body:) We shouldn't always eat what our eyes want or what our tongue wants. Sometimes, more often than we do, we should eat what's healthy for us. But that's easier said than done:)

Well, todays fasting is going pretty good so far, hamdella. Just 3 hours left. Iam going now to pray the afternoon pray, then come back to read Quran. I missed some pages during the last couple of days, so I have some catching up to do...Kheir inshallah. According to my calculations I should read 32 pages each day to be able to read it all during the holy month of Ramadan. Inshallah

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