augusti 07, 2009

Why oh why oh why!?!?!?!?!

Did you guys wish me to dehydrate and leave nothing but a dried out skin on the bed or what's happening???

I just went inside the bedroom, put the laptop on the bed and arranged my things... Lifted up the AC-remote and directed it to the AC and pushed on button. Nothing happened..No beep, no reaction whatsoever from the AC. I turned the remote OFF... Pushed ON again... No beep, and the silent AC machine just stares me in the face, a really evil and sarcastic stare. Yes, if did the AC have any eyes that's how it would stare at me.

So you guys, Iam sleeping in a closed bedroom without any AC in the middle of Beirut.

I am going to feel so hooooot tonight!!!!

Well for all I know swetting is good for the body. It's like a detox... Very healthy....
Who am I kidding? Yiiiiiiiiiiii I don't like to sleep in a hot room!!!!!

B, where are you??? Come and fix the AC! Puh leeeeezzzzzz!?

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