augusti 13, 2009


Iam starting to believe that the more expensive something is the better it is. The pistachio(spelling pls) was the tastiest I've ever eaten.

You probably get a headache if it's too hot and you don't drink enough water.

Kebbeh reheated in the micro isn't a good idea.

Paperwork and some arabs goes everything BUT smoothly.

Nuts are tasty.

Strong tea is not.

I don't want more white bread. I want whole-grain. Please

Showering without water is more than a challenge.

To tell someone: "Congratulations! Which month are you in?" to someone who isn't actually pregnant is a never good idea.

4 kommentarer:

  1. if the electricity was 24 hours a day..then the water could be pumped to the roof tank..and there would be no water issues!
    its all about the electricity :)

  2. angie nader: thanks for the info. but that was really not how it happened. the reason is that "someone" forgot to open the motor;)

  3. i guess i know who...
    at least she didnt take shower in the toilet seat

  4. LOL@batikha: actually it has nothing to do with her. but me wanting to take a shower when there were no water:(