augusti 09, 2009

Question for my readers

Did you make a choice? What did you choose? And why?

Are you all wondering what Iam talking about?

Well of course Iam talking about Islam.
If you don't share the idea of being "just a muslim" but have actually made a choice wheather or not to be a sunni- muslim or a shia-muslim. And more importantly if you choosed to be a sunni-muslim and choosed one of the madhhabs(schools) which one did you choose, and what made you decide this specific madhhab? And if you are a shia-muslim, how did you choose the direction? And which leader are you seeking for help and guidance and why?

Please, Iam sincerely interested to know your reasons.

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  1. im maronite catholic, born into it. and as a adult realized it was the right path for me.
    i think all relgion is long as your heart and intentions are true...all relgions are one in the same!