augusti 02, 2009

What do I want? This:

I want to put MY key in MY lock in MY frontdoor and open MY door to MY home.
I want to enter with my right foot into MY home and feel the familiar scent.
I want to enter MY kitchen with MY stove, MY refrigerator, MY furnitures, MY food.
Later I want to go inside MY livingroom and sit down in MY sofa and turn on MY TV.
I want in the evening to go to MY bathroom and use MY towels and MY soap and MY toothpaste.
After that I want to liy down on MY bed with MY sheets, MY blanket, MY pillow and MY HUSBAND.....................

yes, whatever is mine is his and viceversa...

3 kommentarer:

  1. I know what you mean! I'm waiting up for husband to come home tomorrow. Vacations and being away is fun, but you find yourself missing home even if it's Paradise there. Love you lots.

  2. ae u sharing with someone other than your husband? is this what this is about?

  3. Yasemin:hoope he comes home safe and sound inshallah
    Ange: im still waiting to get to our home. i don't have a permit to enter the country where he is living and working so i am now living with my parents in law in their country....thats what its all about;)