augusti 07, 2009

Thoughts in the dark lonely night

I was thinking.... How Iam sometimes(often) bored and just surf the net hour after hour reading blogs. Believe me it's not all that bad I honestly find it amazing and amusing to be able to read people's inner thoughts or just get a glimpse of their humour. BUT the blogs Iam reading aren't very educational, and I could learn so much more if I just used my time a little wiser.

So here's what I've come up with:
*Iam in an arab country
*I've seen so many books all written in English about all kinds of subjects in life
*The people are pretty english friendly -Meaning most of the people knows English.

So, where am I going with this? Well I have to get my hands on some books about Islam, of course in English. I don't think that is very difficult? I think all I have to do is ask. Someone.
I am really excited about this now. And what a perfect time to start to read and learn more about our wonderful religion, Ramadan is almost here.

2 kommentarer:

  1. there is a bookstore in the geant mall of east beirut(past doura) try them. they have a lot of english books...maybe even some in sweedish.
    good luck...but i suggest learning learning arabic...or even the preffered "lebanese language)

  2. angie nader: thanks for the advice. i will look for it next time im there. iam learning arabic, by listening. i do know how to conversate a little bit. but when it comes to reading... hm well i can read the letters and the word but i dont understand what most of they mean.. so reading arabic books arent gna happen in the nearest couple of years