augusti 27, 2009

6th of Ramadan

So here Iam, awake of course. Iam going to prepare suhoor soon. Its 2.10 at night and I hear the man beating on his drum down in the neighbourhood waking us up for suhoor. May Allah reward him for his doing.

So the reason I haven't been blogging for the last week is that we have been out of internet. It just wasn't working. But today finally the "phone/internet-guy" came and fixed it. He fixed one of 3 phones and then wanted to leave.. No way José, that probably wasn't his name since he is an arab, but anyway, I kept him here till I made sure everything was working. Iam so happy right now hehe. I missed the world out here in cyberspace:)

So ramadan began on saturday, hamdella the days have been going good. Well of course Iam struggling with the fasting and the lack of fluids during the day. What Iam struggling the most with is not being allowed to drink. I feel lightheaded when I don't get enough to drink during day. But that's nothing to complain about, Iam just saying;) Lots of people have it MUCH worse than me, and don't even get to drink/eat after a whole day of fasting. So hamdella.

Not much is going on over here really, Iam too tired to get involved in anything. I prefer just to stay home, pray the prayers on time, read from the Holy Quran and take it easy. At night we gather and break the fast together. My routine is: 3 dates, some water, then some soup. Later the main meal.

The guy is outside our building now. LOL he is funny. One night he comes and says: Oh the father of (some arab name) wake up, oh the father of(some other arab name) wake up.
Next night he says: Come on sleepers, wake up!
He says more than that but I can't really hear what he is saying since he is banging his drum in the same time. But I heard from others that they use to say: Wake up for suhoor the prophet(sallallahu aleyhi wassalam) is coming to visit.
Well I haven't heard that one yet:)
It is pretty nice to hear this guy at night. I know some people would find it disturbing. But anyway we should wake up and eat something and pray the morning pray(on time). Inshallah we'll get rewarded for it.

My goal for this Ramadan is:
read a part of the Holy Quran each day so by the time Ramadan finish I've completed it all
pray all prayers ON time including sunnah prayers, taraweeh and witr
be more aware of what Iam saying during prayers(often it happens that we just recite the prayer without thinking of the meaning)

Inshallah ya rabb!

Well overall my goal is really just to be a better muslim/person. And inshallah it will last after Ramadan finishes aswell. All of us should strive to become better persons all the time. There is already too many persons in this world with bad actions and intentions.

So Happy Ramadan to you all, and may Allah accept all fastings and prayers made during this blessed month, inshallah.

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  1. wishing your holy days bring you closer to your belifes!

  2. you know what...i dont know u very well but after what i read ur article i got amazed ...u r so good in writing and hamdela u r doing great in ramadan and islam in general....

  3. angie nader: thank you so much for your wishes:)
    batikha: thanks for the compliments and thanks for wishing me gl)