augusti 28, 2009

7th of Ramadan

So here Iam awake, waiting for fajr(morning pray). It's after approxiametly 40 minutes..
I woke up 1½ hour ago, after 1 hour of sleep...Zzzz feeling very tired. But I forced myself to wake up and go to the bathroom and perform wudhu(ablution) to be able to pray. To be honest I wasn't planning on eating suhoor today. But I remembered, after bathroom action that we have some cake..So that's going to be my suhoor. Cake and water. Hmmm I hope I don't gain a lot of weight during Ramadan.....Well the risk of that happening is so high. Not because I tend to overeat during Ramadan but because I don't do any excercise and we eat pretty late, at 7 at night and also in the morning and go back to sleep afterwards, of course after performing morning pray. Not all of us do this of course, Iam just talking about myself:)

Well this is all for now, my brain feels mushy. Not really mushy but as if someone poured syrup in it. Very sloooow and tired:) Going to finish my cake and hope that I don't fall asleep before the adhan for fajr comes.

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