augusti 19, 2009

Confused but well

So today I've been playing wii. It's been since last wednesday. That's a week ago. Dear Wii-I've missed you. I played for half an hour, but that was pure excercise, no fun games:)
But anyways what I want to say, the thing that is confusing me is the bmi and the weight according to the wii machine. It says that my BMI is 22.88 and my weight is 134 lbs. I checked how many kgs 134 lbs are. And the websites tell me: 60.8 kg. But if I type in 61 kg for the bmi that doesn't add up to 22.88 more like 22, or less... So which to believe?? Iam going to check the settings for my lenght next time. Maybe it's wrong... Well overall I'm pleased with myself wheather I'm 60 kg or 134 lbs or my BMI is 22.88:) I have been feeling 'strange' for 2 days. Strange meaning weak and tired. But today I feel much better hamdella.

I had the privilige to sleep for 5 hours in a row tonight, yey:) That's been a long time ago since that happened. If had we gotten our little visitors in the morning I would've only gotten about 2-3 hours sleep... So Iam more than pleased:) I woke up around 9 but stayed in bed til 11.30. I was just lying on the bed thinking about life and worldly and afterworldly things and what to have for breakfast.

A cup of tea and mankhoushe(bread with thyme mixture on it) It was pretty tasty. I ate the whole one. Usually I eat a half and my husband eats one on his own and my other half. Luckily he wasn't here today cause he would be hungry since I ate a whole one.

After the wii exercise and shower I ate a banana and drank a glass of juice. Honestly, is there anything tastier than mango juice?? A creamy cold mango juice.. Mmm it's color is refreshing and the taste!!!! Ooooh well I guess you get the point. I love mango juice:D

2 kommentarer:

  1. I never thought to taste mango juice before this post. ...
    now i dont even know where to get one. haha

  2. angie nader: just look in any supermarket:) im sure ull find some. yumiii