augusti 03, 2009

Don't think it's all bad!!!

When I was living on my own I didn't care too much of food. I didn't enjoy cooking nor eating. Now... Ye, well I can't even remember the last time I cooked a meal. Besides the time when I helpt MIL with the tabbouleh(sallad the lebanese way) And oh ye tabbouleh can indeed be counted even as a main dish. I could eat tabbouleh for lunch any day;) Yummiiii

Examples from today on how lucky I am.,,,
I left the bed around 11. Goes to the bathroom, do what needs to be done, like wash my face and brush my teeth. Goes to the kitchen.... Sees my breakfast being arranged and put on a serving plate. Take it and goes sits down in the sofa in the salon and watch TV.
Lunch: goes to the kitchen, take some minizucchinis and some tomato sauce from the Tupperware and put on a plate, stuff it into the microwave and set the timer for 2 minutes.
2 minutes later: Biiiiiing! My lunch/dinner is ready

So what's the deal?
Well my dear mother in law cooked for me yesterday to bring with me to Beirut for today's lunch. It's possible being spoiled even as a grown-up. I like it;)
Who wouldn't?

Now I can truly say I understand why some arab men are so "according to traditions".. All they have to do is "just" go to work and his wife will fix everything at home. Cleaning, cooking and raising the children... Okey don't take me 100% seriously, but you get the point, don't you? But also thru this experience I understand more what it'll mean for my husband when I'll cook for him. Especially since cooking isn't my favourite thing to do.. But we all have to eat don't we?

So the conclusion is:
I have it rather good in Lebanon with my in-laws afterall

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  1. Wow you are in Beirut, I've missed so much! Can't wait to read your other posts and catch up, I'm happy for you that things are going well. Do you live with your in-laws?

  2. Jaz: yes iam in beirut and yes with my in-laws....

  3. How long are you staying for?

  4. Jaz: thats a good questions. we dont know, that is what's bugging me the most((( but at least inshallah my husband is coming back for eid...thats after about 50 days....oooouf thats sooo long til then... note: we have just been officially married for a month exactly today

  5. u became international or what)

  6. batikha: well not my fault you've been missing out on my english blog;):P:P

  7. oh wow...i love my mother in side of the family in lebanon...but no way could i live with eaither my husbands, or my family. they'd all drive me crazy.
    when we were lived in lebanon, my family lived about 45 mins away..PERFECT! and my in laws lived on the next block... it was nice to have the mother of my husband cook for us often...but i needed my privacy..
    of course now that we live in the states, i had my mother move in us. but she was needed..loool if it wasnt for my mom...none of us would eat.