augusti 18, 2009

Today I wasn't myself

I have been feeling 'strange' all day. As if my body is yet to decide if it should get sick or fight the virus away.
I've been struggling all day with keeping myself from fainting. Meaning I've been sitting most of the day and if moving, I did that in slow-motion. I wasn't able to do any quick movement. It made the darkness come back into sight...

And now it's bedtime and I welcome(not at all) the ache in my stomach.....

4 kommentarer:

  1. yeah i feel the same way....monthy visitors..

  2. angie nader: its not that time now...and it doesnt feel the same...well well im feeling a bit better today so :D hope u feel better too

  3. I hope you will feel better soon! insha´allah

  4. cecilia: thanks, hamdella I do:)